Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snowboard HUD Part 8 - Goggle integration

The goggles I'm going to try and integrate this HUD with are 2013 Rayzor Pro from Amazon. More details are here. I actually bought these to go snowboarding, so I've just ordered another pair so that it doesn't matter that I'm about to destroy the first pair that I bought.

I spent quite a lot of time trying to get the displays to sit at the bottom of the goggles so that you look down to see the display

The problem is that without separating the two displays, i.e. breaking the central part of the MyVu (and I don't know what runs through the middle), for the displays to be low enough to not obstruct your actual view, the plastic hits your nose when the goggles are on.

Eventually I started think about whether the displays could sit at the top of the goggles. There is already a large area that isn't visible (some foam and vents) so I started trying to fix the displays in position at the top of the goggles.

I cut some holes in the foam so the cables for display and earphones cold easily come out of the goggles. I haven't found a good way of holding the displays in place yet so I've just opted for some temporary fixes to see if it all works. You can just see the HUD being displayed in the picture below.

It looks really clunky in the picture, but when you wear it it actually hardly obstructs your view at all.

I have a short video where I've tried to capture what you see but it is quite hard to film. Any ideas to make this better please let me know.

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