Friday, 15 March 2013

Snowboard HUD Part 1

So this is the first post in this wearable computing blog. I got this idea when I was looking for a cheap pair of goggles for my first trip snowboarding. Unsurprisingly this research turned into an internet wandering into the most expensive and gadget ridden goggles that are available!

This led me to Recon Instruments (, who sell a heads-up-display for skiing or snowboarding that can provide information such as speed, jump airtime, etc. though built-in GPS. It can also connect to your smartphone via bluetooth.

While I would love a pair of these goggles as they look amazing (particularly when there is an SDK), for a first trip, they seem a little extravagant. Nevertheless, being a bit a geek, it did make me wonder about how close I could get to this functionality with some DIY hacking.

More posts to follow...

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